Undertake your practicum in some of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.

  • WORK


    Undertake a practicum to gain study credit with your institution; placements are based on your institutions requirements, your professional background, personality, and goals.
  • LIVE


    Live abroad and experience the wonderful new world you are about to explore. Make new friends and join our trips, events and pub nights organized by our PR Department.


    While undertaking your placement you will gain real life work experience in your study area. You will be involved in projects and have the chance to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Stand out in the professional field by taking real-world, hands-on specialized experience in almost any industry. With our Practicum programs, placements can be in nearly any industry sector. These placements are unpaid to ensure we have the flexibility of opportunities and have control over the content. If you want to get meaningful, industry relevant, high quality opportunities revolving around your university, or for post-secondary credit, then these placements perfect are for you. Having assisted in more than 10,000 industry placements worldwide over the last 15 years you can be assured that we will find you a full-filling experience.

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Ireland

Spectacular Canada; renowned for its friendly people and abundance of jaw-dropping scenery right on your doorstep. Practicum in what is rated as one of the best cities in the world; Vancouver. Work in the blossoming Stanley park, or maybe at Purduys, one of Canada’s leading chocolatiers. Whatever your university or career needs we will endeavour to find a placement to suit you.
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Experience the un-matched kiwi lifestyle, hospitality and culture by participating in a practicum program in New Zealand. We have placements available over both the North and South islands, with opportunities in many different sectors from engineering to HR, and farming to finance. Gain invaluable work experience in your field of study/ career and also soak up the magnificent mountains, landscapes and rolling vistas of New Zealand.
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Guten Tag! For your ultimate European experience why not choose Germany for your practicum? Placements are tailored to fit your individual university course or requirements. With placements in film, architecture, media, tourism and business we cater for a wide range of programs depending on your selected career choice. Why not spend your free time seeing a country laden with medieval architecture, thriving art and culinary scenes, and a terrain of rich green forests.
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Crickey Mate! Come and grab yourself a practicum down under. With INTERNeX we offer you the chance to advance your career and studies with a fantastic placement in Australia. Maybe you aspire to be a marketing mogul? Or perhaps a engineering enthusiast? Work in your chosen sector whilst soaking up the sun on Australia’s many beaches or sampling some of the friendly Auzzie hospitality.
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Every wanted to travel to the land of celtic myths, folk legends and magical goings on then Ireland is for you. Our practicums will have you working in many different industries and experiencing the true splendour of the Irish. Why not work in Dublin, working in the fields of business, education and care whilst using your weekends to walk around this fascinating city and taking the world-renowned Guinness tour? Or perhaps you would like the work in HR or admin in Galway and see some of the picturesque landscapes you thought could only be seen in the movies.
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