Rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife

  • WORK


    Spend your time helping out in places that need it most; rescuing and rehabilitating local wildlife or assisting with local social causes or community development. Your efforts go to those that need it most and so little can mean so much.
  • LIVE


    Live in some of the most beautiful places in the world and help out in a local community that needs your help. You will live on location or nearby the volunteer station with other volunteers or with a local family.


    You will have the chance to experience the real-world community in which you are helping. This means getting the chance to learn about their culture, language, and about their home, and most importantly about them and thereby… yourself.

Help out a fantastic cause and also have the time of your life. From rescuing orphaned animals, assisting a local community, helping clean the environment or taking community action, the volunteer program is designed to bring out your passions and co-inside with your values. A rewarding program, which is no means an easy option but gives you a chance to really make a difference in the community and local projects at your destination.