At INTERNeX we’re always looking to develop and add new programs and opportunities to customers to broaden the experiences that we provide.

We have been working with partners in France to look at some new terrific work and travel options to the country. Right now we have content lined up for work in the South of France and the French Riviera, some great opportunities in Lille and not to mention a wide host of amazing placements available in Paris.

So what can people interested in this program expect? Well for those with a higher level of French speaking we’re hoping to offer some great opportunities in HR, administrative positions, work in some artisan restaurants and cafes in Paris and boutique hotels. Those who don’t speak french but still want to have a taste of the French life, we are hoping to offer a teach and travel program. This will enable participants to live with a lovely host family and teach them English in return for accommodation and the chance to see some of this beautiful part of Europe.