Practicum Program

Duration: Flexible from 1 to 12 months

Minimum age: 18 years 


Practicum4PageImageA practicum gives you the chance to get an impression of the “real” work world out there. No matter where you live, work experience is incredibly important on your resume. It is even more valuable when you gained it abroad. Not only because it shows your initiative and it’s a great possibility to gain new skills, but also because it means you are not afraid to take on challenges like adapting to a new professional environment as well as a new culture. In a globalized world, international work experience is crucial.

Besides that, an unremunerated practicum gives you the perfect insight into what you actually want to do in life - what you want to study or which professional field to enter lateron. You get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to know yourself in a very different way, to travel abroad, to grow and
challenge yourself and to learn so many things, no book could ever teach you.

With INTERNeX you will get the chance to work in an organization, where the placement is tailor-made for your needs and expectations. Depending on your skills, requests from university and/or personal goals, we will get to know you first and introduce you then to one of the many possible organizations in your preferred field and your dream destination! Once you arrived in your chosen destination, we will give you an orientation about the basic “must knows” of the country as well as provide you tips and tricks for your perfect start. We also offer a Homestay Program, where you get to live with a Canadian family. Read more about it in the section 'Homestay'.

From the beginning to the end of your stay, we are here to support you. Besides that, you will also become part of our international INTERNeX family! 

Last but not least, it is important to mention our great INTERNeX community. Our PR department located in Vancouver organizes Pub Nights, weekly events and regular trips so that you can easily meet up and connect with other participants. We provide the community it takes to make your stay magnificent and unforgettable, but most importantly, we are always here to support you. To gain a first insight into all of our activities, check out our Instagram and Facebook page as well as our Wordpress Blog.

Get ready to have the best time of your life, we can’t wait to finally meet you!  

Program Requirements: 

  • Must have at least upper intermediate (6/10) English level 
  • Must be available for a telephone/Skype interview 
  • Must have travel insurance
  • Must be flexible, professional, communicative, able to take initiative 

Practicum Program includes: 

  • Chat via Skype, to talk about your goals, expectations and questions
  • Resume review and upgrade if needed
  • Tailor-made placement in an organization 
  • Orientation after arrival in Vancouver
  • Support throughout the program 
  • 24 hour emergency number 
  • Feedback and performance review 
  • Pub Nights, weekend-events and trips with other participants